To Future Me recognises that building a
foundation for a healthy future begins now

Topics covered

Scenarios are drawn from the lived experiences of young people and explore all facets of interactions, including online behavior and digital communications.

Here’s what we cover within our program for year 8 students:

Module 1: Help Seeking

Learning how to seek help for yourself and others during difficult situations and identifying who to turn to.

Module 2: Consent & Pornography

Building year 8 students understanding of affirmative consent and critical thinking of pornography.

Module 3: Grooming

Year 8 students learn how to identify red flags associated with grooming and online safety.

Module 4: Gender & Sexual Identity

Year 8 students will build an understanding of diverse gender and sexual identities and why it is important to be respectful.

Topics covered

Here’s what we cover within our program for year 10 students

Module 1: Help Seeking and Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships

Learning how to seek help for yourself and others during difficult situations and identifying the keys aspects of what makes a relationship healthy or unhealthy.

Module 2: Consent, Conflict and Grooming

Building an understanding of affirmative consent further discussing drugs and alcohol. How to navigate conflict and grooming.

Module 3: Peer pressure and Abuse in relationships

Young people will learn how to navigate peer pressure and be able to identify the different forms of abuse in relationships.

Module 4: Safe sex, Pornography, Genderstereotypes, Values and Boundaries.

Understanding all the elements of what makes sex safe, pornography and it’s impacts. Understanding genderstereotypes and the importance of values and boundaries.

Learning objectives

By completing To Future Me, young people can achieve these learning objectives:

  • Build awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
  • Increase awareness of grooming behaviour and separation of grooming myths from reality
Build understanding
  • Build understanding of CSE and associated levels of risk
  • Increase understanding of affirmative consent
  • Increase understanding of the law of the age of consent
  • Increase understanding of the nuances around diverse identities
  • Increase ability to recognise when relationships are becoming unhealthy/dangerous
  • Awareness on when to seek help and speak to a trusted adult

Course delivery

Any Australian school or organisation engaging with year 8 students can purchase to To Future Me to access the content for their students or members.

An interactive learning platform, it is designed for users to make their way through the course topics, engaging with videos and quizzes to establish understanding along the way.
Once a class or group account is established, the course can be accessed through a computer or device.