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The program covers these four topics, delivered in interactive, online learning modules.

  • Help Seeking: Learning how to seek help for yourself and others during difficult situations and identifying who to turn to.
  • Consent, Attractions & Behaviours : Building students understanding of affirmative consent and awareness of attraction and behaviour.
  • Grooming: Students learn how to identify red flags associated with grooming and online safety.
  • Gender, Sexual Identity & Porn: Students will build an understanding of diverse gender and sexual identities and why it is important to be respectful. They will also learn how to think more critically about pornography.

Program content has been designed by Kids First Australia’s expert Sexual Abuse Counselling & Prevention Program team members who are experienced psychologists, counsellors, and social workers.

To Future Me is an online program, featuring four course modules.  Interactive content and videos establish key concepts, while quizzes are used to assess understanding along the way.

To Future Me has been designed for year 8 students. The program can be delivered in the classroom, at their local sporting club, scouts group, at home, residential care and more! Submit and an enquiry form here to see if your organisation is eligible.

All computers and handheld devices. However, we recommend a laptop or desktop computer for the best user experience.

The content within To Future Me has been specifically designed for the Year 8 level when young people are aged 13 to 14 years old. This age is a critical time of exploring identity and forming relationships. It is an evidence-based approach as providing vital information and strategies at this age has been shown to have a lasting impact. As such the program is not recommended outside of this age.

To Future Me was designed as an independent program for year 8 students. However, along the way teachers/educators will be provided with confidence building resources to be able to respond to the topics connected to the program and additionally have to set up a login for your organisation/school, there is no further involvement required. Although as a value add, we would highly recommend teachers/wellbeing leaders/staff access the content for helpful insights that are drawn from Kids First Australia’s extensive expertise.

Teachers or representatives are involved to create a list of participants in the administrative backend of To Future Me. This is very straight forward and a resource guide is provided within the portal.

There are four modules covered in To Future Me. Each module is estimated to take 25-30 minutes to complete. It is recommended that one module is completed each week for the best learning outcomes.

Parents and caregivers are able to access further information about the topics taught within this course under Resources, specifically for Parents & Carers.

To find out how to purchase To Future Me, please register your interest and our representative will be in touch soon.

For more information about the fees associated with To Future Me, please register your interest and our representative will be in touch soon.

We expect To Future Me to provide a seamless learning experience, however we know that unexpected hiccups can occur from time to time. Once you have registered your school or organisation as a To Future Me user, our team is available to assist with any queries from Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm through the administrative side of To Future Me.

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