Healthy intimate relationships,
made clear.

All About To Future Me

The digital age brings a new set of challenges for young people. Social media, selfies and sexting are some of the pressures that young people need to navigate, and the threat of exploitation is very real.
To Future Me is a new e-learning platform supporting Australian kids to understand consent and healthy behaviours.
The program is aimed at year 8 students and explores sexual relationships while promoting safety, space and boundaries both online and offline. 
To Future Me bridges the gap between existing sex education resources and online safety programs and explores what healthy relationships look like – and what they don’t look like.
Developed by experts from Kids First Australia’s Sexual Abuse Counselling & Prevention Program To Future Me teaches young people about help-seeking and how to safeguard themselves and others from being sexually exploited.
The online platform provides a safe place for young people to learn about complex and everyday issues such as consent, grooming and development of sexual and gender identity.
The team at Kids First Australia have designed the To Future Me content, ensuring it is accessible and relevant across gender identities, sexual preferences, and cultural groups.

A much-needed program for young people

As the name implies, To Future Me recognises that the foundation for a happy and healthy future can begin now.
Co-designed with young people and tested by teachers, To Future Me addresses real life issues that young people are facing, including:
·       Sending photos or nude selfies and what to do if/when this happens
·       Exposure to pornography
·       Talking about the age of consent
·       What does a healthy relationship look like
·       How do you stand up for yourself and your peers
Early adolescence is a pivotal time to be educating young people on healthy and safe relationships. By building their capacity to critically think about these topics, young people will feel more confident to seek help for themselves and for others.


Our services are evidence-based and our team is highly skilled and experts in their
fields. We are very proud to share this expertise through To Future Me and would like
to acknowledge the generous support of Westpac’s Safer Children, Safer Communities
fund, for making development of this platform possible.